Airsniffler - The Smallest Wearable Air Monitor
Compact air quality monitoring device paired with educational smartphone app
Main uses for the device:
Tracking air quality in the city and building a live air quality map.
Tracking air quality when doing sports, camping, hiking, etc. and finding the healthiest places to do so.
Tracking air quality in various workplaces to identify problems and protect workers.
The challenges:
1. Creating an affordable design that is simple to manufacture.
2. Device is meant for active outdoor use and must be easily attachable to all kinds of clothing, bags, bikes, strollers, etc.
3. Air must flow through the sensors freely and although they are somewhat water resistant, the shape of the device should protect the sensors from direct rain for accurate readings.
4. Visually device is meant to fit in with various sports and hiking equipment.

The solutions:
1. The device is made of two pieces of molded plastic with the third accent piece compressing them together and acting as a clip for attaching the device. The accent piece is also removable and interchangeable.
2. The shape of the device suggests attaching it vertically, which protects sensors from direct rain.
3. The clip and several holes for lanyards or rubber bands makes it possible to attach the device to basically anything.
4. Device is very small and if made visually bland, could easily be lost. This is one of the reasons it comes in vibrant accent colours. Another reason is its' use in context of hiking and sport equipment, which tends to be visually busy and vibrant.
My role: 
Industrial design, packaging design, visualizations 
61.2 x 29.7 x 21.7 mm
24 grams
2-week battery life
USB Type-C charging
MOS-type sensor for detecting oxidizing and reduction gases
Temperature and relative humidity (RH) sensor
UV sensor

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