"In the minds of geniuses, we find - once more - our own neglected thoughts." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.
What we do with our time is how we spend our lives. What we surround ourselves with is what we become. Fascinated by timepieces as well as psychology, I play with perception of time and the physical world. I design objects that become points of reflection and help us better understand ourselves as well as initiating dialogues.
Graduated in 2016 with honours and received the national "young designer prize" for the graduation work. Got employed by "Incharger" right after , where I designed products and graphical elements, as well as took part in strategic decisions. I have also been freelancing since the third year of bachelor studies and have worked with various companies in Europe: "Namuos", "Verk", "Mottowasabi", "Archetype living" and a number of other projects, like "airsniffler" and "breathcount" where I helped with either design, or visualisations, presentations and exhibitions. Works have been recognized by various awards, such as A' design award, Good design award and others. I also actively join hardware hackathons in the Baltic countries, and together with a team of engineers, programmers and other designers, received a few awards for the products made during the events. ​​​​​​​
Recent projects have taken a more abstract, conceptual approach and have been exhibited in a couple of art galleries. Latest commercial design works include motorcycle accessories and watch concept designs, which will be uploaded to the portfolio once the products become available or purchase. 
I am available for freelance work on design and art projects. If you are building something interesting, contact me:
+370 638 69690
(English or Lithuanian please)
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