What's the secret to a beautiful garden?
t's a place where nature and artifice find harmony. As humans, we envision the garden and sculpt the plants to fit our design. Yet, each plant follows its own rules of growth and change, and a skilled gardener listens to their unique language.

Like the forces of nature, ideas and inspiration often obey their own mysterious laws, beyond our usual understanding. Just as we nurture soil for growth, we can cultivate an environment for ideas to flourish. Inspiration thrives in a free-roaming mind, in a space that's alive and unstructured. Introducing the Botanique collection: a versatile furniture system crafted to nurture deep insights and bold ideas—a garden for your mind.
Today's technology empowers us to work from anywhere, recognizing that the most valuable solutions often stem from moments of deep reflection and inspiration. Traditional offices now contend with remote work, bustling cafes, and serene parks, prompting companies to craft environments that spark creativity and entice talent. Enter Botanique: a versatile solution tailored to diverse needs. Whether it's a tranquil haven for focused work, a collaborative hub for idea-sharing, an intimate spot for coffee chats, or simply a cozy retreat for relaxation, this adaptable furniture system evolves to meet your ever-changing demands.

Botanique is a modular soft furniture system for offices and public spaces, enabling everyone to personalize and create their unique garden. The furniture is easy to disassemble, and the fabrics are removable, making it easy to recycle or reuse the materials. The disassembled parts are simple, standard shapes that are perfect for manufacturing new products. Upholstery is 100% recycled.

Designed by Lukas Avėnas for Ruksa.lt
Poufs come with easily attachable table. No tools required.
Chairs come with multiple accessories, such as lights, side tables and acoustic covers. All accessories can be swapped by undoing a couple of bolts.
Sofas come with lights and side tables. We are looking into expanding the choice of accessories to power outlets, wireless chargers and acoustic solutions.
Collection also includes acoustic panels. Freestanding and wall-mounted options.
Upholstery comes in multiple fun colours and along with powder coated metal parts allows customers to mix and match various combinations to match their interiors. This fabric is made entirely from recycled polyester and is the first member of sustainable #ACT-range. One meter of this fabric contains at least 32 PET bottles of 500ml. Upholstery comes with zippers and can be easily removed for washing or replacement.
Available for purchase at www.ruksa.lt

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