The process of building beautiful things doesn’t have to be mysterious or complex.
Generally there are 5 stages involved in developing a product:
1. Analysis: We begin by defining the requirements and limitations of the challenge at hand. Through extensive market research, we ensure we're not infringing on existing patents or designs. Additionally, we examine our clients' brand guidelines and current product lineup to enhance their appeal to the target audience or identify potential new markets. In the case of startups, we often undertake a brief brand positioning exercise to guide our aesthetic and ergonomic decisions for the future.

2. Conceptual design: Sketching and ideation phase of the process. Multiple ideas and solutions are offered in the form of sketches, references and rough 3d models.

3. Preliminary design: During this stage, we choose a couple of concepts and develop them further. We create CAD models, 3D prints, and quick visualizations. We also conduct ergonomic and market testing.

4. Detailed design: Following initial testing, we choose one design to refine. We work closely with engineers and manufacturers to optimize it for manufacturing. Then, we order the first batch of prototypes. Additionally, we provide high-fidelity visualizations and animations to showcase the design.

5. Production: We continuously inspect quality and refine both the design and the entire process. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with manufacturers and engineers to ensure optimization at every step.
"Creativity is paramount, and Lukas's ability to provide a variety of design options quickly is invaluable. Additionally, clear communication and understanding of our needs have been instrumental in this process. Implementing systems to keep us informed about the project's status has greatly alleviated any anxiety."
"Lukas was very quick to grasp the essence of our project and provided clear actionable solutions."

Although various methodologies are employed such as design thinking, the double diamond approach, and other industry jargon, what truly counts is the ability to listen and deliver solutions effectively.
"Lukas makes something that can be challenging, very approachable, and energizing. He’s very patient with us, and moves quickly. These are incredibly helpful attributes to have and harness."
Clear and concise communication is maintained throughout the design process, ensuring clients receive timely updates and opportunities for review. Clients are actively engaged in key decision-making processes, ensuring they are never left uninformed.
"It's been a pleasure collaborating. Professionalism, autonomy, and consistency, both in terms of quality and aesthetic finesse, are truly commendable. Thank you for the outstanding work!" 

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