On his 4th year of studies, Lukas Avėnas  had a workshop with an Italian yacht designer Alessio Liuni and Lithuanian designer Šarūnas Šlektavičius. With their help he created river catamaran, designed to go through Lithuania from Vilnius, through Kaunas, to Klaipėda.  Catamaran base was chosen, because catamarans are stable and don't need balasts, therefore it is suitable for shallower waters, like rivers.It’s a fast boat, able to go at 70Km/h. Boat can carry 48 passengers plus the capitan. Unique construction allows everyone to experience 360 degree view of the river. Passengers are also able to see the view to the front of the boat and can immerse themselves in this unique trip. Lukas had no limits on how expensive the catamaran might become and the main focus was on design and finding unique and interesting shapes constructions and styling.
Video of design process. Approximately 200 renders.
Several physical models were made with cnc.
Navigation lights
Rei is a Japanese name and it can be written using several different Kanji characters.
励 is the one that I chose. It means "encourage".​​​​​​​

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